Tuesday, June 08, 2010

My car wont be a movie star..

Some gentle nudging from a friend has prompted me to start the blog again. So here goes…

Last night, I parked my car on one of my normal streets and saw a yellow sign attached to the pole by my car. Mid-parallel park, I jumped out of my car with my door hanging open to read the sign. It was a big NO PARKING for Tuesday night through Wednesday, great. They were shooting some movie. What an amazing location for a movie, the construction vehicles for the second ave subway project are lurking at the bottom of the street and the mosque is chilling across the street. Well at least I was safe for that night. I pulled into the spot and went home.

This morning I decided to plug myself into my I-Pod while I walked to two blocks to my car. I have been unable to stop listening to my fun mix of random music lately. When I got to my car, I noticed a man standing next to my car talking on his cell phone. My car had an orange cone on each side of it. The guy motioned to me asking if that was my car. I popped my headphones out of my ears and said yep. I asked him what movie they were shooting and he told me Messiah of Darkness (or Dark Messiah? I can’t remember). So as I attempted to pull out of the spot be moved the cones from around my car and directed me like I was some important celebrity! When in reality he wanted me to move the green Toyota so he could put a big filming truck in my spot.

Wish me luck finding parking tonight.

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