Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A rant about interests vs. other people's lives

I will be doing a 100 mile bike tour this coming Saturday and an argument I had with someone started me thinking… How should your interests affect others and how much support should you expect in life?

I am aware that cycling is more or less a solo activity (unless you are on a bike built for two). Does that mean that you shouldn’t talk about it in detail to others? Isn’t running a solo sport too? Then why do so many people come out to support the runners during a marathon?

I was told that my bike riding has a negative effect on other people and that in return I am being selfish. It just so happens that the ride is the day before Father’s Day. I was told that my exhaustion and soreness, that I am sure will be present the next day, is going to ruin Father’s Day. This thought had not really crossed my mind. Would the correct thing be to not do my tour when I figured out that I would be ruining someone elses happiness? Not doing the tour would make me upset but how much does that matter? This is my interest not my dad's but he is still supporting me and is very interested in the activity that makes me happy.

I am proud of myself for signing up for this activity. I have been training and hope that the ride is perfect. On the other hand, I’m sure some people are sick and tired of hearing about my interest and the miles I have been riding. When I tell people about this tour I usually get positive remarks and support in terms of the ride. Should I expect support or just stop talking about my interests? Could talking about my interests make people feel uncomfortable? I need to really think about this...

Support comes in a bunch of ways. Buying things or donating to a cause is a popular way to support people and events but is it really support? Anyone can plunk down some money. But being there at the finish line or helping to train or just offering words of encouragement… that’s support. That’s what I look for and what keeps me going.

I was accused of biking for attention. First of all, I was appalled. Could doing a physical activity when most of the time I am riding alone be a quest for attention? But then after some thought maybe that’s what I am doing. I like to brag about how far I bike and talk about the new gear I buy. Is talking about a hobby looking for attention?

Maybe I am selfish but this is my life. I want to ride and that’s what I am doing. I guess if I was married and had to share my time with someone then I would think differently. I am planning to ride my 100 miles and everyone will just have to deal. I guess I will just be the selfish and attention seeking bean on a bike.

My head is exploding from this.. Who would have thought that doing something as innocent as riding a bike would open up a can of worms?


D said...

Bean, you are NOT selfish. It's not as if you're missing father's day entirely. The key is to keep the events that surround other people about those people and not about biking of anything else other than them. Assuming you're still focused on other's- your friends and family should be loving, unconditionally supportive, and proud of you're accomplishments. I know I am :-)

Your Biggest fan said...

Other people have no right to make judgments about your decisions They should be more supportive.