Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Big box little car

Last weekend, I took a drive out of the city up to Albany, NY with a friend. She is moving into a new place in a few weeks and was looking for some new things for the apartment while we were there. So we ended up at the Christmas Tree Shop (which is a closeout store). She found a huge bookshelf unit and fell in love with it and the price. So she bought it and we drove around to the back of the store to have it loaded into my car. My little car. The box was pretty big and my car is not so much. After taking everything out of the trunk and the backseat we finally figured out how to put the seats down to fit the box and we were on our way.

Fast forward to arriving at the apartment to take out the box. My friend and I pulled and pushed it to get it out of the car but when it came to lifting it up there was no way we could hold it for more than a minute, let alone up the stairs. Out of nowhere, this guy came and asked if we needed some help. He called over another guy who was sitting on a stoop and together they lifted the box up the 4 stairs into the elevator and down the hall while we watched. We said thank you and they left. It was a double random act of kindness. As we slid the box toward the wall, I noticed that the box said the contents was 97 pounds! A extra big thank you to the random stangers in the neighborhood!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Metrosexual tow truck driver

When I go to get gas put in my car (yep I am not legally allowed to do it when I fill up in Jersey) I don't really expect to have to encounter any real social interactions. I hand over the credit card and sign, say thank you and drive off. But today I had to maneuver my car around the pumps so that another car could get out. A tow truck was getting filled up and watched the whole thing. As I pulled up he leaned out his window and said to me "That eyeliner really makes your eyes pop!"

I was really confused and muttered "thanks!" Since when do truck drivers know about eyeliner?! It was a nice compliment and made me feel great but was a bit odd :)