Monday, April 12, 2010

NYC Freebies!

Last night I went out with an old friend who has a rule… she never pays for her drinks. She will go to a bar and magically the guys will flock to her side to offer her a beverage. When she told me she had made the acquaintance of a bartender in a very classy bar, I knew this was going to be a fun night.

A general rule of thumb for the start of a fun night, do not take the 2nd Ave bus down from the UES to Alphabet City. It takes about an hour off of your life. Once we finally got to dinner we were ravenous, devoured the food and moved on to the next part to the night.

My friend wanted to take the bus uptown to midtown and I offered to pay for a cab. My previous bus trek was too fresh in my mind. A guy who was standing at the bus stop called out “Are you ladies giving up on the bus?” He promised that if we took the bus he would provide entertainment. The bus arrived at that moment and I agreed to get on. Then my Metrocard failed me. Only 50-cents leftover (darn, uneven fare!) meant I couldn’t ride. The nice guy offered to swipe my ride for me. Freebie number one ☺

After some entertaining conversation and an offer for us to go to a bar with him next week, we got off the bus to the next part of the adventure.

We entered the classy bar to find out we were the only ones there and the bartender wanted to test new drinks on us. He attempted to make an avocado shake drink, without a blender. It did not work very well. So he created two other very interesting martinis for us to try. All on the house.

After some great conversation, he offered us some fancy chocolates and we nibbled and enjoyed round two of our fancy (free!) mixed cocktails. By now the restaurant was closed and we had a private bar.

It was a work night and it was approaching 1:30 am. A couple hours past my bedtime. So the bartender locked up and in true gentleman fashion hailed us all a cab uptown.

What a fabulous freebie night in NYC.

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