Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hit on while driving…

I was pulling my car out of a spot this morning when a man in the car next to me motioned for me to open my window. I thought he was going to ask me if I was moving my car as so many people do in the morning. You see, a parking spot on the correct side of the street is more exciting than free ice cream. So as I opened the window I said “Yep, getting out.”

Well it turned out he didn’t want a parking spot. He wanted me. This guy was in his 40’s and had his Blue tooth dangling from his ear. He said “Hey, whatcha up to girl?” With my finger on the window button, I replied, “Going to work”. The window started slowly moving up when he said, “I wish I was your job. Don’t go to work girl. Let’s play hooky.”
I rolled my eyes thinking that no one really uses lines like that. I looked up at the traffic light begging it to change to green before this creep could say anything else. The window closed as I heard, “Come on baby it would be fun.”

The light changed and I made my left turn only to have to stop at the red light. I made the mistake of looking to my right where the guy was sitting stopped at the light too. He started talking and I rolled down the window all prepared to say something witty and obnoxious. Before I could bitch him out he said, “I’d love to take you home with me.”

So at this point I said, "Sorry, I have a boyfriend“ and was about to drive off when I heard “I can be your other boyfriend, baby.” Luckily, the light changed and I slammed on my gas to get away from this line-spewing weirdo.

Ugh this all happened before 9:30am. I felt like I needed a shower. Icky!!

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