Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Anonymous Note

A few weekends ago, I drove out to NJ for bridesmaid dress shopping . Yep that trip added a sixth day to my presence in Jersey, plus another $8 donated to my favorite bridge, the George Washington. I really feel like I should own a tiny piece of it by now. Maybe a screw or something.

I parked my car by the bridal store and dropped a few quarters into the meter. After shopping for the dresses, I went back to the car to drop a few more quarters in and went to eat lunch.

I came back to my car and found this sticker stuck to my car.

This was stuck right above the keyhole. I looked around and didn’t see anyone by my car or on the sidewalk. I smiled at the randomness as I peeled the sticker off my car. I was wearing boots but was still very confused. Also, doesn’t that handwriting look like a girls?

The sticker now lives on my dashboard and makes me smile whenever I get into my car.