Thursday, August 11, 2011

Coney Island fun

Sorry my poor neglected blog…

This summer has been amazing and full of fabulous only in NYC experiences. This past weekend I went to Coney Island with a friend who had never been there before. I was meeting my entire family there for a Brooklyn Cyclones baseball game. The Cyclones are the Mets minor league baseball team and they play in this fun little cute stadium very close to the world famous Cyclone roller coaster. As I ticked down the subway stops until we arrived, I texted my food order to my parents for them to get at the World Famous Nathan’s. The original Nathan’s is located across the street from the subway station. This food was waiting for me when I arrived. (The original nathan’s has seafood!)

There were two people at my table who had been at the beach all day and gave us beers that they weren’t going to drink. Score!

The baseball game as starting soon so we went into the stadium and met up with my family. The game was filled with cheesy cheerleaders, hand painting, giveaways and rain booo. I totally rocked my bright orange poncho.

I didn’t really watch the game but was super excited for the after game fireworks. Before the fireworks started they played all sorts of cheesy music which my insane family and I danced to and videoed. Then BOOM there were awesome fireworks!

After saying goodbye to the fam, it was time to start the rest of my night. A second meal was in order… raw clams and hot dogs and candy apples for my friend! Then a ride on this insane slingshot ride… 150 feet in the air at 90 mph. Amazing and I did not puke or pee my pants as I feared.

After the ride, we took the train back into the city and went out to a bar. We clearly had not had enough beer and def not enough food. Because then we had more drinks and became friends with the guy at the bar who totally owned the pizza place next door and brought us each two slices with requested toppings!

After a few more drinks, it was time for bed. What an adventure-filled day!