Thursday, June 10, 2010

Biking to nowhere (right now)

There are numerous reason why I refuse to join a gym. #1 is that I get bored easily and with no one there to tell me to keep my ass moving, I will fake some workout and then leave without even have broken a sweat. I hate being in a smelly room with other smelly people jumping up and down trying to remove my belly pouch. Yeah I’m a lazy bean, I know. But if you put me on my bike and tell me to ride to a destination then I will. Happily.

I have done a few bike tours but never a full century and that is my goal for this summer. I just signed up for the Ride To Montauk, a full 100 miles! I have a week to get in shape to do it. Solo! I can do it!

Last night, I decided I was going to ride the park but the raining dripping out my window at work took that idea away fast. I cringed... that meant I was going to have to ride in my apartment on my bike trainer. This is torture for me because it’s like I turned my living room in a gym. I decided I would do it so I went through with it. I put my bike on my trainer and turned on the TV. Maybe that would help me focus (or not focus) on actually working out. I pedaled straight for a half hour and got nowhere. Except through my DVR’ed TV show. Not the best ride but enough to make me hot and sweaty. I just couldn’t do it much longer plus I was hungry.

I hope the rains stays in the clouds tonight so I can ride in the park when I get home!

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