Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tofu is yum

Cooking for one,
is never any fun.
But cooking tofu
that’s the thing to do!

I crack myself up! Anyway, I wanted to share my lunch today because not only was I proud of the fact that I made it for dinner last night, but because I styled it to enjoy at my desk.

Last night, I baked up the tofu with this awesome sauce I randomly found in my supermarket. It had a bit of a sweet spice to it and it’s fabulous. I found myself dipping the roasted potatoes in the sauce as well.

I also sautéed some zucchini, so that my meal would be balanced. I tend to not get enough protein in my diet and baking the tofu is a way to enjoy it without the squish factor.

I am usually not too excited about sauces but after trying this one I have come up with lots of ideas on how to use this sauce. I want to mix it into a quinoa salad to give it a fruity kick.

I am hoping this is a start to blogging about the food I eat. So join this NYCBean as I eat my way through the city!