Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hit on while driving…

I was pulling my car out of a spot this morning when a man in the car next to me motioned for me to open my window. I thought he was going to ask me if I was moving my car as so many people do in the morning. You see, a parking spot on the correct side of the street is more exciting than free ice cream. So as I opened the window I said “Yep, getting out.”

Well it turned out he didn’t want a parking spot. He wanted me. This guy was in his 40’s and had his Blue tooth dangling from his ear. He said “Hey, whatcha up to girl?” With my finger on the window button, I replied, “Going to work”. The window started slowly moving up when he said, “I wish I was your job. Don’t go to work girl. Let’s play hooky.”
I rolled my eyes thinking that no one really uses lines like that. I looked up at the traffic light begging it to change to green before this creep could say anything else. The window closed as I heard, “Come on baby it would be fun.”

The light changed and I made my left turn only to have to stop at the red light. I made the mistake of looking to my right where the guy was sitting stopped at the light too. He started talking and I rolled down the window all prepared to say something witty and obnoxious. Before I could bitch him out he said, “I’d love to take you home with me.”

So at this point I said, "Sorry, I have a boyfriend“ and was about to drive off when I heard “I can be your other boyfriend, baby.” Luckily, the light changed and I slammed on my gas to get away from this line-spewing weirdo.

Ugh this all happened before 9:30am. I felt like I needed a shower. Icky!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A rant about interests vs. other people's lives

I will be doing a 100 mile bike tour this coming Saturday and an argument I had with someone started me thinking… How should your interests affect others and how much support should you expect in life?

I am aware that cycling is more or less a solo activity (unless you are on a bike built for two). Does that mean that you shouldn’t talk about it in detail to others? Isn’t running a solo sport too? Then why do so many people come out to support the runners during a marathon?

I was told that my bike riding has a negative effect on other people and that in return I am being selfish. It just so happens that the ride is the day before Father’s Day. I was told that my exhaustion and soreness, that I am sure will be present the next day, is going to ruin Father’s Day. This thought had not really crossed my mind. Would the correct thing be to not do my tour when I figured out that I would be ruining someone elses happiness? Not doing the tour would make me upset but how much does that matter? This is my interest not my dad's but he is still supporting me and is very interested in the activity that makes me happy.

I am proud of myself for signing up for this activity. I have been training and hope that the ride is perfect. On the other hand, I’m sure some people are sick and tired of hearing about my interest and the miles I have been riding. When I tell people about this tour I usually get positive remarks and support in terms of the ride. Should I expect support or just stop talking about my interests? Could talking about my interests make people feel uncomfortable? I need to really think about this...

Support comes in a bunch of ways. Buying things or donating to a cause is a popular way to support people and events but is it really support? Anyone can plunk down some money. But being there at the finish line or helping to train or just offering words of encouragement… that’s support. That’s what I look for and what keeps me going.

I was accused of biking for attention. First of all, I was appalled. Could doing a physical activity when most of the time I am riding alone be a quest for attention? But then after some thought maybe that’s what I am doing. I like to brag about how far I bike and talk about the new gear I buy. Is talking about a hobby looking for attention?

Maybe I am selfish but this is my life. I want to ride and that’s what I am doing. I guess if I was married and had to share my time with someone then I would think differently. I am planning to ride my 100 miles and everyone will just have to deal. I guess I will just be the selfish and attention seeking bean on a bike.

My head is exploding from this.. Who would have thought that doing something as innocent as riding a bike would open up a can of worms?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Biking to nowhere (right now)

There are numerous reason why I refuse to join a gym. #1 is that I get bored easily and with no one there to tell me to keep my ass moving, I will fake some workout and then leave without even have broken a sweat. I hate being in a smelly room with other smelly people jumping up and down trying to remove my belly pouch. Yeah I’m a lazy bean, I know. But if you put me on my bike and tell me to ride to a destination then I will. Happily.

I have done a few bike tours but never a full century and that is my goal for this summer. I just signed up for the Ride To Montauk, a full 100 miles! I have a week to get in shape to do it. Solo! I can do it!

Last night, I decided I was going to ride the park but the raining dripping out my window at work took that idea away fast. I cringed... that meant I was going to have to ride in my apartment on my bike trainer. This is torture for me because it’s like I turned my living room in a gym. I decided I would do it so I went through with it. I put my bike on my trainer and turned on the TV. Maybe that would help me focus (or not focus) on actually working out. I pedaled straight for a half hour and got nowhere. Except through my DVR’ed TV show. Not the best ride but enough to make me hot and sweaty. I just couldn’t do it much longer plus I was hungry.

I hope the rains stays in the clouds tonight so I can ride in the park when I get home!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

My car wont be a movie star..

Some gentle nudging from a friend has prompted me to start the blog again. So here goes…

Last night, I parked my car on one of my normal streets and saw a yellow sign attached to the pole by my car. Mid-parallel park, I jumped out of my car with my door hanging open to read the sign. It was a big NO PARKING for Tuesday night through Wednesday, great. They were shooting some movie. What an amazing location for a movie, the construction vehicles for the second ave subway project are lurking at the bottom of the street and the mosque is chilling across the street. Well at least I was safe for that night. I pulled into the spot and went home.

This morning I decided to plug myself into my I-Pod while I walked to two blocks to my car. I have been unable to stop listening to my fun mix of random music lately. When I got to my car, I noticed a man standing next to my car talking on his cell phone. My car had an orange cone on each side of it. The guy motioned to me asking if that was my car. I popped my headphones out of my ears and said yep. I asked him what movie they were shooting and he told me Messiah of Darkness (or Dark Messiah? I can’t remember). So as I attempted to pull out of the spot be moved the cones from around my car and directed me like I was some important celebrity! When in reality he wanted me to move the green Toyota so he could put a big filming truck in my spot.

Wish me luck finding parking tonight.