Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The curse of the Blackberry!

I am officially addicted to my Blackberry. I knew it would happen which is why I resisted the call of the phone with a data plan for so long. But I knew I had to enter the connected world or be out of the loop so I decided to get a Blackberry. In actuality, it is a Purple Berry which makes the girly girl in me very happy.

I have started to download apps that I think would be helpful to me. I know that the droid phones and iphones have many more capabilities but I chose to not be overwhelmed and just to use the phone for some other uses. About two days ago, I downloaded an app that reads my text messages to me when I am driving. The temptation to grab the berry while it is buzzing is very strong and so I thought this app might help me to be a safer and legal driver as it is illegal to play with your phone and drive.

Today was the first day of using the app while driving to work. I didn’t think anyone would text me in the morning but about 5 minutes into my drive I heard : "message from Jen: Did you bring the camera in today?" The computer voice spoke well and of course I decided to pick up the phone to text back. Yes, I know, bad bean. I wrote “Nope” and put the phone down. After about 30 seconds passed, I hear my phone say “message from Jen: fuck.”

I burst out laughing in my car. The computer voice cursed! HAHAHAHA! Yep, I have the maturity level of a fifth grader but you know you would have laughed too.

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