Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Summer in the city!

The time has come and the warm weather is finally here! It's the time for short skirts and tank tops and flip flops. Also the time for sweat and smelliness. Yumm. Currently the air conditioning in my office is broken. And it was broken yesterday. Let's recap...

The airconditioning unit broke in my office yesterday. They get it up and running by the afternoon when we all are leaving. This morning, the whole unit has flooded the kitchen and the floor below us for another day of heat.
So they go out and buy us some cute hi tech fans from PC Richard. These fans have remote controls. Does this strike anyone as odd? I mean you have to be close to a fan to be able to feel the breeze correct? So (here comes the logic) if you close to the fan and can reach it to change the speed why do you need a remote control? The only reasons that I can come up with are:

1. you are incredibly lazy.

2. You like hi tech gadgets and get a kick out of pushing the button a million times a day. ( ok I admit I do like the remote control and wish I could use it but alas I do not have any batteries).

3. You are unable to get up and move, ie. you have a broken leg.

4. You are across the room from the fan and someone else who cannot get up wants to change the temperature.

Ok you get the point...

I am very happy that I do have a fan so that I am not dripping sweat onto my keyboard as I type.

Moral of the story: Fix the airconditioning or give us cute fan toys to play with so we forget that we are hot.

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Domsmom said...

I feel the same way about remote control for car radios, WTF?