Friday, June 17, 2005

I hate I pods.

I enjoy listening to music. Yet I do not like to listen to other people's music, through their headphones.

Maybe it's because of the I-Pod craze that music listening has increased on public transportation or maybe I wasn't paying attention before. But I cannot understand why the non- headphone wearing people must endure salsa music at 7:30 am. Imagine this, you are sitting on the subway next to a man with little white circles in his ears. You can hear every word of the song that he is listening to plus the whisper-singing that is coming out of the man's mouth.

I cringe whenever I hear the slightly muffled music that could only be coming from headphones. I cannot do two things at once and get quite upset because I cannot read my amNY.

I thought the purpose of headphones was to make your music come out of whatever system it is hooked up to so you can hear it only. Are these people hurting their ear drums? Does the music have to be so loud that I can hear it on the other side of the train?

I love the freedom from cell phones that happens after I swipe my Metrocard through the turnstile. I know that for my entire ride I will not have to hear stupid ringtones that sound like n organ but should be the Backstreet Boys new song. I will also not have to hear half a conversation. There is no freedom from second hand songs from the person sitting next to you.

There is a little picture on the subway next to the no smoking sign of a boom box with a red line through it. I haven't seen anyone since 1988 with a boom box walking around so maybe its time to update the sign. It should be an I-Pod with headphones and little lines coming out of the headphones. I think everyone would get the hint that you should keep your music in your own ears only.

Maybe this is a big plan by Apple to get people to buy I-pods? If they make leaky headphones that the music escapes from they can profit... Think about it... people hear music and look over to scowl at their neighbor. They see the infamous white headphones and think to themselves "If I had those in my ears I would not have to hear this awful song." Another I-Pod Is sold.

Moral of the story: Turn down your I-Pod or be a walking advertisement for Apple. But please, just turn down your volume, I don't like Apple.

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