Friday, June 03, 2005

Morning surprise

This morning as I stumbled onto the train I saw that there were a few seats open. I enjoy sitting down in the morning so I can read my amNY and relax before the train gets packed. So I walked toward the seats and I surveyed the seats condition. This is a technique that I use (and I'm sure other subway riders do as well) I called it the scan and sit. The seat looked alright, no mystery liquids or solids and no smelly people around it. I was about to sit down when I spotted the ground. There was a pile of chunky puke. Yuck. So much for sitting down.

At this point the other open seats had been taken and I was forced to stand and read my paper.

There is another rule to subway riding that is crucial to know. If the subway car is empty at a busy time such as rush hours, there is something terribly wrong in that car. It is better to stand in a crowded car than to endure whatever has happened in the empty car. It may be a smell, a sight, a sound, no airconditioning. You name it, but there is something you don't want to encounter there. I know it is tempting, the urge to sit but consider yourself warned!

Moral of the story: If there is a seat empty on a train at morning rush hour, there is a problem don't go and inspect.

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The Irishman said...

gross but very true, its why I avoid the subway like the plague if i can help it... nice blog btw :)