Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Shower Bliss

A whiff of winter slipped through the tiny opening in the bathroom window while I was took a shower last night. The scent of the impending change in weather made me smile and think of my soon to be bundled up body wrapped in my favorite bulky sweaters. I turned to water up just a bit hotter and watched my skin turn pink in reaction to the heat. As I went to grab the shampoo, I realized that I could barely see through the air to the front of the shower. The steam had mixed with the cool air seeping in from the window and formed a cloud right in my bathroom. I stood still for a few minutes with the water pounding on my back, enjoying being inside my own private cloud. At that moment, nothing could bother me.

Bang, Bang. “I need my toothbrush”, came from the other side of the bathroom door. Ah, the joy of living with roommates. She opened the door and my little cloud escaped out of the bathroom. My moment of bliss was over.

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