Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pre- black friday deal!

Today, I went to Old Navy looking for a puffy vest. I knew they would have some pre-Black Friday sales but was no prepared for what happened next. As I walked into the store, a friendly associate handed me a mystery coupon to be used that day. It said that I could get $2, $3, $10 or $25 off my purchase. My puffy vest was $17.70 so I figured a few bucks off would be nice. I got to the cashier and she scanned my coupon and it was for $25 off! So she told me I could go get another item and then cut the line to pay.

Shocked that I would be getting such a great deal, I looked around the store for something that was around $8. I found a fleece sweater that was exactly $8. I contemplated which color I wanted and went back to the register. They rang up my purchases and I owed them 73 cents for both! Beat that crazy Black Friday 4 am shoppers!

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Photo Girl Al said...

Nice!!! I did the Black Friday thing, but pretty much just went to Costco and Best Buy and I had enough after that. Lol