Thursday, March 11, 2010

Free Burger night..

You know it's a serious situation when you haven't done your laundry in almost a month, which included a ski trip where I changed clothes 3 times a day! Last night had to be the night I attempted to wash it all but I had promised a friend I would go to free burger night at a bar. Lucky for me, the bar with this awesome deal was right across the street from my apartment buildings basement. There are a ton of washers and dryers just steps from a bar making it possible to do my laundry while I was eating and drinking. I loaded up the dryers with 3 loads of clothing checked my watch. I had exactly 32 minutes to eat and have a beer.

The Second Ave subway construction had destroyed businesses that are hidden behind the scaffolding so this bar decided to have some specials to lure people in. On Wednesday nights and all day Saturday and Sunday when you order a drink you get a free burger. Pretty freaking awesome… if you aren’t a pescatarian like yours truly. The deal is for a grilled BEEF burger and if you ask for a veggie burger like I did they say nope, sucks to be you and hand you a menu.

My friend was thrilled because not only did he get his burger but he got mine wrapped up to eat for lunch. I was stuck paying for not only my beer but a veggie burger and fries for $11.45. So much for a good deal.

As I ate, my laundry dried. I paid the bill crossed the street and magically came back to three fully dried batches of clothing. (You’d be surprised as to how many times I came back to a dryer filled with still soaked jeans).

Just another fun night in NYC ☺

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