Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Goldfish on the subway!

Last night, I attended a press event sponsored by Post-it. The event was held at a place called Carnival which was in fact a carnival on the fifth floor of a NYC building. I received my tickets and went into the room where they had fun games for us to play, ring toss, toss a ball in a basket, get a ping pong ball into a fish bowl and darts.

After spending most of my tickets, another editor handed over her extras. I played the fish game a few times and finally landed the ball in the bowl. Thinking about it now,I was pretty excited after winning such a cruel game. Here is a somewhat crappy cell phone picture of the game.

Those bowls have live fish in them. These poor fish must freak out every second a ball smacks their bowl. If the ball actually makes it in, there is a giant while meteor attacking their home. Poor fishy... I guess it was very nice of me to save a fish from this fate by bringing him home!

After the event, I went to take the subway home. I was carrying my fish in a plastic baggy down the street to Union Square and received a bunch of interesting looks.

I got on the subway and was lucky enough to get a seat for Post (his name.. I'm clearly original) and I. The man next to me struck up a convo with me. Apparently a fish in a bag is a conversation starter. I noticed the couple across the aisle from me pointing at Post and talking in another language about the fish. They looked up at me and smiled. I'm glad my fish could make others happy.

Here is Post on the subway. Hold on fishy!

Post is now at my apartment in a vase with some nice rocks at the bottom and is hopefully still alive. I ran out this morning to get him food. Let's see home many days my carnival fish lasts :)

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