Friday, December 05, 2008

NJ is paying me to drive...

There is some new program that NJ has developed to provide incentive for people who live and work in NJ to carpool. I found out about this program called "Carpooling Makes sense" and signed up. While the website doesn't exactly tell me how long this promotion is going on.. I think that they will send me a gas card for $150 to carpool to work 24 days in two months. So far I have carpooled 3 out of the 4 days of December. I'm on my way to getting my gas card.

Although I'm not really sure how they can prove that you really had another person in the car with you, they told me they will be sending me a packet with information.

I never say no to free money in this craptastic economy so thanks for a little something extra NJ. Now do you think you could do something about the $8 toll on the GW bridge that i have to pay every freakin day?

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