Monday, December 08, 2008

How I hate you NYPD.. let me count the ways!

This morning I went to my car to go to work but when I arrived at the street where I left it, it was closed off and the cars were gone! I asked the police officer where my car was and they said they "relocated" them. Great. He couldn't get the guy with the list on the phone, so I had to walk an avenue to a police van. The police officer then asked for my car make and color and license plate number and said to me, "It's in Brooklyn." I blurted out "Are you serious?" He said "No". What an ass!

My car was relocated on 2nd Ave where I had just come from. I walked down the street and found that my car was parked and left in a spot... next to a fire hydrant! The cops towed my car to an illegal spot. So then at 7:35 am a nice cop came along and wrote me a nice $110 ticket. Fabulous.

I was fuming and should have gone and yelled at the cop in the car that the NYPD is evil and made me get a ticket when they moved my car after only posting a sign on a Sunday when i didn't have to move my car till Monday!!!

I wrote a nice long letter explaining why I am not paying them any money.

I just hope I don't have to go to court to fight it.

Car adventures are tons of fun!

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