Tuesday, May 10, 2005

a ticket for walking!?

As I got off the train today at my stop, I noticed that everyone was walking slower towards the exit. I felt like I was in rush hour traffic IN A CAR! When it was my turn to go up the stairs I realized why everyone had slowed down, there were two policemen standing there. Now I understand when people slow down cars to gape at an accident or stop speeding when they see a cop car, but slower walking?? Are they going to receive a ticket for walking to fast??
[Dream sequence]
Siren.. rahrahaharah

Police Officer(PO): Excuse me ma'am. Please step over to the right side of the platform and take out your ID.

Unspecting Walker (UW): "Crap". (Rummaging through her bag)

PO: Do you know why we made you stop here?

UW: I was walking over the speed limit?

PO: Yes, and you were also cutting people off unsafely. I would like to let you off easy but this rushing is not acceptable and unsafe.....

UW: I understand.

So I know this won't happen so why were people walking so slowly?? I guess the police were in the way. The topper was that as I walked by one of the police officers, he checked me out! He blatantly looked me up and down. We are a far cry from tickets for walking but come on, do your job and look for crime, not nice bodies!

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