Thursday, May 05, 2005

3 Apples = $3.00?!

So my first experience of grocery shopping in NYC has hit me over the head as to what I got myself into. I will not have any money left and wont even be able to afford Ramen!! (Gristede's Ramen is 25 cents! What happened to 10 cent ramen!! ) So I digress...

Gristede's is the closest supermarket to my new home. So I thought because I only needed a few choice items that I would venture into this labyrinth of a store. I was shocked at the layout of the aisles. Not only were they super skinny but the curves and twists made the place into a racetrack for my shopping cart. I had to cut super tight turns while maneuvering the cart as to not smack the eggs along the side of the metal grating.

This experience was somewhat alarming to a suburban girl! What shocked me the most were the prices. I mean I know that the food is coated in a nice layer of gold but come on! I paid 3 dollars for 3 apples. (yes I know now that I should get fruit and veggies at the stand on the corner).

I bought 10 items all of which were not extravagant and most which were white rose(generic) brand. My total was $25. At this rate, I will be spending as much on food as I do on rent.

I spoke to some of my learned neighbors and they informed me I went to the expensive mega store and that there are a few that are less money. I will have to go exploring the neighborhood and find a good store.

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