Thursday, August 26, 2010

and how old are you?

Although I am 28 years old, I look very young. Depending on what I am wearing I can usually pass for a college age kid. I almost always get carded, except when I order a scotch, my drink of choice. I guess most underage kinds don't enjoy a good single malt.

This past weekend I was at a craft fair on the boardwalk with my family when I saw a booth featuring the new voting machines for NY. These new machines are paper ballots that once you finish filling them out, you scan the paper into the machine. Being slightly involved in politics, I wanted to take a look at them. I walked over to the machine, took a ballot and fake voted. It is a pretty interesting system although I am not sure it will work better than the lever machines.

I was about to leave the booth when a woman asked if we would fill out a survey about the new machines. I said sure and and I took one and she laughed and said "It's for your parents." I looked at her strangely. She replied, "Or will you be able to vote in this years election?"

I started fuming and impolitely blurted out, "I am 28 years old!"

She asked, "Really? Gosh, you look 17!"

My dad saw what was happening and came over to pull me away before I completely freaked out on the woman. 17! really?? Come on, do I really look like a high school student? My 10 year high school reunion is this year!

I know some people would love to be mistaken for a high school student but not me.


D said...

i totally feel your will be nice to look young in 15 years...

Your BIGGEST FAN ! said...

That women was clueless

Anonymous said...

I am just a random girl who came across this...and I have the same problem! 28 as well, and I literally look 14. It has become a constant struggle from meeting guys to getting a new job. It will be great to look young when I'm 40 and married but right now I just want to look even @ least 23/24.

Just letting you know you're not the only one this happens to. It also doesn't help that I'm about 5ft tall as well as having a young face and features.