Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thanks Doe fund man!

It was chilly this morning as I waited for the light to change on my corner. I was doing a little wiggle in my jacket when a voice next to me said, "it's cold you should put up your hood." I looked over and saw one of those Doe Fund guys, all dressed in blue, getting ready to cross the street to change the garbage bag on the far corner of the block. I smiled and told him that I was ok. He then put my hood up and said" that's better". It was a little odd but I thanked the stranger and then went to cross the street. He put his arm out in front of me with an exclaimed "Wait!" I looked up and there was no car coming and the walk man had just appeared on the cross signal. He then informed me that people like to run the lights in New York and I should be careful and have a nice day.

Totally random kindness on a cold NYC day.

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