Friday, March 07, 2008

Thanks Cabbie!

Last night as I attempted to find a parking spot on my favorite street, I saw two cars that seemed to be pulling out, score! I quickly revered down the street and found that one of the cars was pulling out while the other (which was a cab) was pulling in. The cabbie was fully parked and he stepped out of his car. I was backing up into my spot when I realized that there was almost enough room to park but the tush of my car would be hanging out into the driveway of a parking garage. While I was not sure this was a ticketable offense, I was afraid that my car would be hit. The cabbie started to walk away and turned and said "Are you parking there?"
I replied "Yes, but I don't think I will fit."

At this point, he jumped back into his cab, turned it on and with his foot out of the car and the door open he moved his car up a few inches giving me enough room to fit. Before I could even say thank you, he was back on the sidewalk and off to his destination.

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