Wednesday, January 23, 2008

50 cents

Today I had to park much further downtown than I usually do today at an earlier time. I have not memorized the signs and where the pumps are in this area so finding a spot was a challenge. I finally found a spot and then saw a meter in front of it. I was running late so I parked and then walked to the middle of the block to see what the sign said. I found out the meter runs until 7pm and it was currently 6pm. Just then another car pulled in behind me and I asked (just to make sure) that I had to feed the meter till 7. The man confirmed this for me.

So then I walked over to the meter which told me my quarter would get me 10 minutes of parking time. I am really bad with math but figured out that i would need 6 quarters to get me to the time when the meters shut off. I started to dig around my purse and pulled out 4 quarters. Then I climbed halfway back into my car to look in my work bag. There were none in there. So I started to l look around the car and was about to give up and go across the street to get some when the man who was parked behind me came over from in front of my car and said, "Looks like you are searching for more quarters. Here. "

He had gone over to the meter and saw that I needed two more quarters and gave me them. I was speechless. I stammered a thank you and then he was gone.

I really love this city and the people in it :)

(I felt like I was in that commercial where people pass along a good deed and it follows the good deed from the start. I will be passing along his generosity as soon as I can.)

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