Sunday, November 04, 2007

How to find parking in NYC

Parking in NYC without having to pay for it is a real adventure. I took for granted the nice driveway and curbside parking I had in the suburbs. To park my car now I must have excellent reading skills (for the street signs), math ability (for the angles to parallel park the car) a good memory (to remember what time i have to move the car in the morning and also where i parked the night before) and patience (to drive around forever).

I have an entire routine as to how i find a parking spot every night. It involves driving down certain streets all close to my building. I start in the slightly sketchy area and work my way down. Up and down and up and down. Sometimes I get behind another person looking for a parking spot and then there is a non verbal fight for a spot.

By the time I actually find a parking spot the real fun is just beginning . I have to attempt to get into it. My parallel parking skills suck and it takes me a few times to get into the spot before I still have to correct and wiggle around. If I have to park on a main street with lots of traffic I get really nervous but I refuse to give up a spot so i get honked at a million times until I am finally in! I have yet to park in one shot. That is my goal.

One night I was parking on a main street right in front of a doorman building. The doorman, unknown to me, was standing there and watching my attempts to park. That night was particularly bad and it took me a good 5 times to get into the spot (pathetic I know). Well once i finally parked, I got out of the car and the doorman asked, "Are you a new driver?" I said,"Nope just a really bad parallel parker." He then offered to teach me how to park and after we could get dinner! I laughed and politely declined.

Who would have thought that I could get a date just by being a bad parker!

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