Monday, August 08, 2005

Jesus on the Train

I played with a Pit Bull on the subway. Ok that sounds scary and everything is probably thinking that my love for dogs should end at pitbulls and that I certainly should not play with them on the subway. If you are still thinking, you are asking "Why is there a pitbull on the subway?"

Well so you can stop thinking, the answer to all your questions is that it was a baby pitbull in a gym bag going to the vet for shots. It was sooo cute and I was lucky to be able to sit next to it. I understand that pit bulls grow up and can be very bad and dangerous but as a baby they are adorable.

The woman who owned the pitbull informed me that it's name was .. Jesus. Yep a pitbull named Jesus. I didn't want to laugh at the irony of the situation but I did manage a chuckle as the puppy was licking my hand. The puppy kept trying to escape the red bag and jump onto the unsuspecting passengers. The women kept saying, "No, Jesus. Bad Jesus!! No Scratching, Jesus!"

The screech of the train car kept making Jesus scared and caused him to whimper into his mom's chest. Poor Jesus. Jesus finally reached his destination, 86th street. I waved goodbye to Jesus the puppy and his mommy.

I love when people on the subway break the no speaking or looking at each other rules. Especially when it involves playing with adorable 8 month old pitbulls named Jesus!


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ChittyChittyBangBang! said...

Hahaha... funny post.
Jesus on the train... only in NYC I guess.

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