Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Human Decency

When someone sneezes, the response is“Bless you”. It’s almost automatic but even if you barely know the person, it slips out. When someone hurts himself or herself, the proper reaction should be “Are you okay?” It’s not really that hard of a concept, especially if something happens in an office to a co-worker. It’s common decency or so I thought until this morning.

I dress up for work every so often (most days you can find me in jeans and a sweater). I own a great collection of high heels thanks to a fabulous friend who works in the shoe world. Today I chose to wear a 3-inch pair of red heels that are not too uncomfortable (high heels are never comfortable, never believe anyone who tells you that). I got to work and walked on our leopard-carpeted floor toward the kitchen. Why yes, isn’t every office carpeted in leopard? Anyway, I was holding my Tupperware filled with my lunch in my hand ready to place it in the fridge. I stepped onto the tile and felt myself slip. I tried to catch myself with the counter but forgot my food container was in my hand and slipped again and very ungracefully crashed down onto the floor. Once I was on my, now tingling, tush, I looked up to see a coworker making her breakfast. She looked down at me and simply said, “Have a problem with your shoes?” She turned back to the toaster as I struggled to get up and inspect the damage. I mumbled something about my butt hurting and she asked, “Are those new shoes?” They weren’t but where was her concern for the fact that I had just landed on the floor. I didn’t expect her to lift me back up, all I had expected was a simple “are you ok?” but nope. Then she walked out of the kitchen and said, “Remember toe to heel!”

This coworker and I are not really friends but come on! I have been giving the back of her head daggers all day but I kind of wish I could revert back to kindergarten and push her down in the kitchen.

I am left with a rip in my tights, a bruised tush and a little taste of reality.


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Anonymous said...

Your day for retaliation will come, however you are too polite to act rude so just "Kill" her with kindness.
"Your Biggest Fan"