Friday, August 08, 2008

Metrosexual tow truck driver

When I go to get gas put in my car (yep I am not legally allowed to do it when I fill up in Jersey) I don't really expect to have to encounter any real social interactions. I hand over the credit card and sign, say thank you and drive off. But today I had to maneuver my car around the pumps so that another car could get out. A tow truck was getting filled up and watched the whole thing. As I pulled up he leaned out his window and said to me "That eyeliner really makes your eyes pop!"

I was really confused and muttered "thanks!" Since when do truck drivers know about eyeliner?! It was a nice compliment and made me feel great but was a bit odd :)

1 comment:

Line Dance Girl said...

Isn't it great getting gas in Jersey?!
As for the tow truck driver, that is too funny! I wonder if he had on some metro'manscara' to make his eyes pop as well...