Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sushi, Music and Sun!

Oh how I love summer in NYC! Although I now spend more time in NJ than I do in the city I still can be found frolicking the streets over the weekend. Last weekend, I attended Summer Stage. Summer Stage is a series of free concerts in Central Park all summer long with a wide array of different music and comedy acts. The day I went was all music and very enjoyable. The company made it even better! There's nothing like enjoying a concert with friends.

Sushi is fab and even better when eaten on a blanket in the middle of the park in the shade from a huge tree. We ate tons of delicious raw fish and then got up to go to the concert.

After waiting on line at 1:30 pm(which was not necessary) for a concert that started at 3 pm, we went "inside" the metal dividers and saw a stage area and some bleachers with fake turf in front of it. We put our blanket down and relaxed in the hot sun. Snapple was the sponsor and was giving out free samples of their new teas. I don't usually like tea but their red peach pomegranate doesn't taste like tea just like watered down juice. I was also pretty thirsty so it may have just tasted good then. Anyway, sitting in the park in front of the stage transported me out of the city and I felt as though I could have been anywhere. I was away from the big city for the day.

The music was nice and although it wasn't particularly memorable I felt myself swaying as I sat. It was just enjoyable.

As the temperature rose, I didn't leave as many people would have. Instead I walked over to the misting station and sat in a chair while a fan blew on me and I was sprayed with icy water. I was then rewarded with a free POM juice t-shirt! Score! Free stuff is always nice. I also got a free subscription to New York Moves magazine.

The day was really nice and I really hope to take advantage of more free summer events.

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