Monday, December 12, 2005

Just Singing in the Subway!!

This morning, I had the honor of being in a subway car with a singer. By singer I mean a crazy man who was singing along to his CD player with the volume all the way up. This man was dressed in a trenchcoat, nice dress shoes and a black wool hat. He did not look homeless at all. As soon as I entered the already packed train car, he began his karaoke. At the top of his lungs he sang songs that I couldn't identify because he was not singing real words. He was mumbling the words and making up his own lyrics! The man was not only singing but also dancing and pretending to play the drums!

Every time the train stopped he would lean out the doors and sing and tell the commuters "Don't squeeze in her, ain't no room. I want to have a happy day. You will not get into this car, you'll have to get through me first." Then he proceeded to stand in the doorway, once he thought the train was too full. Unsuspecting people came into the car and as soon as they heard the singing they looked away from the crazy man in true NY style. Then there was some hushed giggling.

The man stayed on the train until my stop and then as he left the train he was still singing!

Surprisingly, this intrusion into my morning paper reading was not too bothersome. I left the train in a better mood than when I got on. So thank you crazy man!

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